How Web3 and Blockchain are changing your life

How Web3 and Blockchain are changing your life

To us, the web3 future is a tool for freedom. It's about so much more than just decentralizing the internet or being able to send crypto money to someone with zero transaction costs.

What is Web3?

"Web 3.0 or Web 3 is the next incarnation of the web and the model for emerging decentralized applications, built on top of distributed technologies like BigchainDB, peer-to-peer file sharing protocols, and innovations that serve data as a service. The “web” has long been synonymous with “the internet” - with one major caveat: The Net hosts many public sites (like Facebook) but also many private sites, not accessible to all. Web 3 eschews this dichotomy in favor of an open source web itself where all sites are public and all content is shared."


As with any new technology, it's impossible to know what the future will be like. However, with advances in artificial intelligence and Blockchain, it is possible that your day-to-day life will change for the better.